Spring is the time to shed the winter coats and sport a sleeker lighter silhouette.  We have been shearing sheep this week, but had to take a break when the rain hit.  Wet wool and shearing do not mix well.

My girls with their winter wool 

We took a weekend course in shearing and we’ve been doing our own sheep ever since.  Some years have gone better than others.  Last year my first “customer” was not too happy and sent my shears flying with a well placed hoof…three weeks later and with lots of new clipper parts, I was back in business.  It was a breeze after that!

Each year seems to get a little better; this year by the time I got a few of my big girls (250 pounds) on their backs to clip their bellies my clippers were out of reach.  Dilemma!!! Do I let go and start over OR slide them across the isle until the cord is in reach?  I decided on the latter; really lucky to be blessed with a wonderful yoga instructor…it really helps put my body and mind back together J

My girls are much happier now with their new I admit slightly lumpy but much cooler haircut!